Introducing the Builders Plan

Made for ISVs looking to enhance Helm, test for compatibility, gain better insights to their customers’ environments, and scale to hundreds or even thousands of licenses.

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enhance helm by using Replicated within your app

Ready, get set, scale.

The Builders Plan is perfect for companies who are leveraging Helm, need to reduce support burden, minimize production bugs, and test their deployments across countless customer environments. You built the foundation - now let Replicated help you scale.

What the Builders Plan Includes

Go Beyond Helm


Pre-check environments before install and gather support bundles of info for troubleshooting


Validate licenses and entitlements for each customer account during installation and configuration

preflight checks, support bundles, and license validations helps you go beyond helm.
gain insights by using Replicated with Helm

Leverage and Share insights


Get detailed reporting and telemetry on customer-deployed instances of your app


Monitor application health, show uptime, and track new release adoption via notifications


Display instance insights for lifecycle metrics natively in your GUI

Provision Cloud Resources Instantly


Create test clusters (most in under 2 minutes) from a warm pool with your choice of vCPUs, memory, and storage, or use Amazon EKS with per-minute billing (GKE and AKS coming soon)


Test vSphere- or bare metal-based releases in  distributions like kind, k3s, and Red Hat OpenShift


Spin up representative combinations programmatically, with a TTL to shut them down after testing

a cluster being created in Amazon EKS
image showing a cluster, distro, and version

See All Your Customer Environments


Leverage Instance Insights to see what your customers are actually running


Set up telemetry with the Replicated SDK in your app to stay informed on real world adoption and patterns


Know what environments make up a majority of usage to evaluate risk

Embed Replicated in your App


The Replicated platform is designed to integrate deeply with your app using the Replicated SDK and REST


Create custom domains for your container repos and deliver application images securely


Provide a fully-transparent, white-labelled application lifecycle experience for your customers

your application, enhanced with Replicated

Our Philosophy

All the challenges around testing supportability, telemetry, and observability are really going to become more and more critical as you get more and more customers, and that’s where Replicated shines. Start with Helm and rely on Replicated to help you scale.
Marc Campbell  |  CTO and Co-Founder

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The Compatibility Matrix is just one of the features many included in the Builders Plan.