(The Legend of) Replicated: Secrets of the Automatic Update

Mariel Wilding
Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom title image stating: The Legend of Replicated Secrets of the Automatic Update

Decide your own path through the sprawling landscapes of updating and the mysterious choices customers make when they install new versions of your application in their self-managed K8s environments. Can you harness the power of Replicated’s abilities to fight back against the outdated software that threatens your customers?

In this blog post we’ll journey into the world of automatic software updates, where secrets are unveiled and software excellence is achieved. The realm of automatic updates holds the key to unlocking the extraordinary potential of new version adoption!

Hylian shield in a shape reminiscent of the Kubernetes logo

1. Defending Against the Shadows:

Just as Link defends Hyrule against darkness, automatic updates fortify your software's defenses. By swiftly patching vulnerabilities and strengthening security measures, you shield your software (and your customers’ sensitive data!) from the clutches of malicious actors. Embrace automatic updates as your shield against the shadows, ensuring your software remains a bastion of resilience.

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom wing Zonai device with a helm logo on the back

2. Unlocking New Realms of Innovation:

Much like exploring uncharted territories, and crafting new inventions, automatic updates unlock new innovation within your software. With each update, your customers discover cutting-edge functionalities, enhanced performance, and delightful user experiences. Face your fears and embrace the adventure of automatic updates, for within them lie the hidden treasures that propel your software to new heights.

3. Master Sword of Software Efficiency:

Within the realm of automatic updates, secrets unravel, and the Master Sword of software efficiency awaits your grasp. For applications installed in online environments, you can customize the frequency for checking for updates and enable the ability to automatically deploy new versions. Embrace the customization options available to you, and let the automatic deployment feature restore the power of your Master Sword!

Watch the number of support calls recede as customers consistently run your latest version. As you embark on this extraordinary journey, may you unlock the full potential of your software, guided by the secrets of the automatic update.