WayDev Uses Replicated To Expand Their Market Fast and Reach More Customers

On-prem remains the world’s largest software category, four times larger than cloud-based software. It’s a market so large that even small ISVs can’t ignore it. But few can afford the costs of competing for an enterprise sale. The long sales cycle and technical requirements, such as standing up a proof of concept, take too many engineering hours and too much budget compared to winning smaller subscription accounts in the cloud.

WayDev’s opportunity

WayDev, a git analytics platform for engineering performance, got a proof of concept request from one of the world’s largest software companies. WayDev tracks software engineers’ output directly from git repos without manual input and is used by more than 300 customers. It saves software engineers time. The enterprise customer needed the solution to be deployed on-prem, inside its firewall, rather than in the cloud. WayDev recognized that refactoring its application from cloud to on-prem was a major undertaking requiring technology that would take weeks or months to build with no sure sign of getting the deal.

To win on-prem deals, software vendors must deploy proofs of concept on-prem with no guarantees of getting paid. The cost of developing an on-prem software proof of concept ranges from $15,000 to $50,000 and can take several months to complete. Forced to develop these solutions on spec, many software startups turn down business that requires a proof of concept. The vast majority of the 1 million software vendors worldwide are small ISVs that have no budget for pursuing bespoke on-prem opportunities. They don’t have the time or money to chase big enterprise accounts. But the opportunity was too good for WayDev to pass up. One of WayDev’s engineers jumped into research mode and scoured the Internet for solutions.

Enter Replicated

WayDev‘s research led it to Replicated, a software delivery and management tool. Replicated provides commercial and open source tools to streamline the distribution and management of 3rd-party applications in complex enterprise environments. Replicated reduces the risk of pursuing enterprise deals by providing POC licenses for free with a subscription.

“In 30 days we had something to deliver to the prospective customer,” said Alex Circei, WayDev CEO and co-founder.  “It was really easy for us to do this really fast. Now we’ll be able to deliver something on-prem. It was like a dream come true for us.”

WayDev is pursuing on-prem deals using Replicated with little additional overhead. Prospective customers approve the budget and WayDev can have the app deployed on-prem in two hours. The speed, cost, and quality benefits have changed the market focus for the company from small online accounts to larger, Fortune 500 businesses.

The Future

On-prem sales are a great opportunity for software vendors, but many cannot afford the time, cost, and risk of developing a proof of concept. Replicated operationalizes and scales the distribution of modern on‑prem applications to enterprise customers, making it easy to package and manage a proof of concept inside a corporate firewall. Ultimately, Replicated is a platform that allows software vendors to sell to enterprise buyers.

“Replicated is helping us acquire more and more customers,” said Circei. “We saved a lot of time and money by not building this ourselves. We are deploying the cloud version and the on-prem version of our software on nearly the same day. It’s really good.”

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