We help software vendors ship their apps to complex customer environments

Expand your market and reduce costs with one-line installs and updates to Kubernetes clusters anywhere

You'll be in good company with Replicated

Your App

Simplify management of releases, licensing, and support for your customers' on-prem, private cloud, and even air gap environments

Don't waste money and engineering time building and maintaining your own tooling. Focus on product innovation and a great customer experience.

Vendor Portal

For Lifecycle Management

Efficiently manage packaging and distribution of all your releases and updates.

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Replicated for

Any Environment

Deploy into any environment — bare metal, GovCloud, VPC, vSphere, or existing Kubernetes clusters.

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Managing Customers, Community, & Enterprise Editions

Create and manage licenses to enforce customer-specific entitlements such as expiration, features, and usage limits.

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Admin Console

A white-labeled experience for your customers to configure, update, and manage your application.

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Trusted by leaders in the industry

With 65 of the Fortune 100 managing apps with Replicated, this is a platform that is trusted by the best in the business.

"We build terraform. We build packer. We built all these tools that theoretically you glue together and get an on-prem installer. Turns out there's a lot more to it."

Mitchell Hashimoto

Founder, Hashicorp