The Commercial Software Distribution Platform

The best way to distribute commercial Helm charts to enterprise customers.

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Distribute your commercial software to customer-managed environments, and then keep everything running smoothly

Don't waste money and engineering time building and maintaining your own tooling. Focus on product innovation and a great customer experience.

Manage releases and customers

Get control over packaging and distribution of all your apps and updates.

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Install your app into customers' K8s clusters

Deploy on-premises, in virtual private clouds (VPC), even air-gapped K8s clusters, using Helm or our installer.

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Define and install a K8s distro

Create a new cluster to host your app and install both at once with a few cut & paste commands.

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support your app

Support your app efficiently

Help your customers stay on the latest stable versions and reduce the time to issue resolution.

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Measure What Matters

Gain the visibility you need to understand the state of your distributed software.

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Test Compatibility

Provision resources instantly to validate combinations of app releases, K8s platforms, distro versions, and add-ons. 

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