Announcing the New Replicated Beta Program

Tracie Stamm

• 2021-12-15

replicated beta program

We’ve recently built the Replicated Beta Program! 

Because we are inventors, designers, and tinkerers at heart, we are constantly iterating on the Replicated product. New capabilities, features, use cases — our imaginations for new Kubernetes (K8s) solutions are limitless. New ideas begin in an ‘alpha’ state where we incubate them among a small group of testers and thinkers for a bit, before moving into a ‘beta’ state where we engage a broader audience of testers. In either state, we collect feedback from our testers about their interest in the features, how well the features work, and any suggestions for improvements. 

The beta program is by invitation only and is limited to Replicated vendors. This may evolve in the future, but at this time we are not able to accept prospects or enterprise end customers into the beta program. To ensure representative feedback, we may limit the number of program participants from a given vendor. And no need to worry about the dreaded ‘reply all’ if you join the beta program — participant replies will only go to the Replicated product team and not the entire group.

The new Replicated Beta Program will notify participants via email of new opportunities to alpha- or beta-test new features and capabilities. If a participant is interested in joining a particular test, they can simply reply to that email. If accepted to the test, a participant will be notified of how to access and use the beta feature that they’re interested in. 

We invite you to let us know if you’re interested in being considered for the Replicated Beta Program by emailing us at [email protected]. Thanks!