Enhancing the Replicated App Manager with Rqlite

Alex Parker
Nov 3, 2022

One of the major components of Replicated is the app manager, which maintains a database of configuration information for your application deployment. Since this is a critical component, availability and supportability are important to us.

Migration from Postgres to rqlite in app manager v1.89.0

Starting in v1.89.0, the app manager uses rqlite instead of Postgres to store metadata like version information. New installations of the app manager v1.89.0 and later use rqlite, and upgrading from an earlier version of the app manager to v1.89.0 or later automatically triggers a migration. Postgres will be removed from the cluster after the migration is complete.

rqlite is a lightweight, distributed relational database, and its clustering capabilities provide high availability. This change is the first step toward a more highly available and more supportable app manager. For multi-node Kubernetes installer clusters, this change lays the groundwork to enable simpler storage solutions, resulting in lighter weight clusters that are easier to support and operate.

Helm CLI installations (Beta) that include the admin-console chart as a dependency do not deploy Postgres or rqlite and are unaffected by this change. See our documentation for more information on Helm CLI installations.

Stay tuned for an update on how this change can simplify your Kubernetes installer clusters, and let us know if you have any questions. Be sure to target a version of app manager equal or greater than v1.89.0 to receive this enhanced functionality.