Bridging the Air Gap: Announcing Replicated's Air Gap Telemetry BETA

Brian Rhea
Jun 7, 2024

Keeping an eye on your customer-managed installations is crucial for maintaining optimal performance and security. But what about instances running in air gapped environments, completely isolated from the internet? Traditionally, these deployments have been blind spots in your customer landscape.

We're thrilled to announce air gap telemetry, currently in beta, that removes this limitation! This feature allows you to collect valuable telemetry data even from offline instances, and it is now widely available to all Replicated customers.

Say goodbye to invisible instances

We’ve added functionality to Replicated KOTS and the Replicated SDK that uses the support bundle generation process to provide you with valuable instance telemetry for air gapped instances. This captured data includes standard instance telemetry – and even custom metrics if you’ve defined any – providing a comprehensive view of your air gapped instances.

When a support bundle is generated, all the collected telemetry data is included. Uploading this bundle to the Replicated Vendor Portal seamlessly links the data to the corresponding customer and instance allowing you to view the instance insights in the Vendor Portal UI or via data export.

Example of air gap telemetry in the Vendor Portal

The following diagram demonstrates how air gap telemetry is collected and stored by the Replicated SDK in a customer environment, and then shared to the Vendor Portal in a support bundle:

Collecting air gap telemetry with support bundles

Depending on your customer’s installation, there are a couple of different options for generating a support bundle. We encourage you to refer to our documentation to determine which option makes the most sense for your situation.

Simple setup, powerful insights

Getting started is easy. To use air gap telemetry, you'll need to ensure your installation includes one of the following:

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • Telemetry data is capped to ensure efficient storage.
  • We highly recommend including the Replicated SDK for access to both standard and custom metrics.
  • We also recommend you collect support bundles from air gap customers regularly (monthly or quarterly) to improve the completeness of the dataset.

Ready to get insights into your air gapped instances?

Learn more via our air gap telemetry product docs, or if you’d like a more detailed walkthrough from someone on our team, don’t hesitate to reach out to your account manager.