Introducing the New Replicated Docs Site!

Amber Alston
Mar 7, 2022

One of our primary goals at Replicated is to make the distribution and management of your application easy. Based on your feedback, our existing documentation didn’t always align with that goal, sometimes requiring you to navigate different project sites to find the information you need. 

Our goal with the new Replicated docs site, available at, is to be a complete, stand-alone resource containing all of the information a vendor needs to succeed on the Replicated platform. 

With the launch of our new docs site, we’re taking an important step forward in that goal. This site includes content you’ve already had available to you on sites like It adds new content areas such as Vendor Team Management, organized in a way that better matches the product workflow. 

Like all good software development, we’re still iteratively improving this new Replicated docs site post-launch. Our team is creating new content to fill in the areas we’ve identified as gaps based on your feedback. We’re also rewriting some of our more complex content into task-based walkthroughs. We’ll continue to highlight these improvements in subsequent communications, such as our Replicated Release Highlights blog

Given that this initial launch brings a transition away from our older documentation, we wanted to highlight relevant dates and address expected questions. If you have a question not addressed here please reach out to your Replicated customer success contact. 

What is happening to the documentation on,,, etc?

Replicated is still deeply invested in these open source projects. We will maintain an appropriate level of documentation on these sites to support open-source users of the projects. We may still link specific Replicated documentation topics back to these open-source sites where appropriate. Vendor-aimed release notes will move to the new Replicated docs site. We expect the most significant change to the site. Given that most of the content was written specifically for Replicated vendor use cases, this open source docs site will be significantly reduced by late March. 

Where should I go to see the Replicated release notes?

The release notes currently found on and will move to the new docs site, under Release Notes. It is now easy for vendors to find all Replicated product updates in one place. We expect to begin this transition the week of March 7th. 

What happens if I had a link from my product docs to a docs page on

Any pages that are removed from will be automatically redirected to the appropriate matching page on the new docs site. We will continue to maintain these redirects, though we recommend you plan to update your docs links to avoid a needed redirect longterm. We expect the redirects to be in place by the week of March 14th.

What does this mean for the Replicated Classic docs on 

The product documentation found on is used by vendors leveraging our older Native Scheduler, AKA, Swarm, or Ship products. This documentation will remain available on this site as long as vendors remain active on these products. 

What if I have feedback on the new docs site (ex: content gap, hard to understand content, etc.)?

We love feedback. Given we’re continuing to iteratively improve this new site, sharing your feedback allows us to better prioritize which improvements to tackle next. You can provide feedback through your customer success contact or by opening an issue within the Replicated docs repo.