The Replicated SDK for All!

Alex Parker
Nov 16, 2023

We’ve been so excited recently to better support software vendors that want to deliver their application with Helm, by introducing things like support for installing releases with the Helm CLI, and the Replicated SDK. These enhancements are a great complement to our KOTS installer, expanding the ways a vendor can ship their software to satisfy different enterprise requirements.

But while the SDK started with the goal of bringing instance insights and other Replicated functionality to environments where KOTS isn’t installed, we’ve already begun expanding the scope and function of the SDK to include things like custom metrics that are useful regardless of installation method.

As a result, Replicated now recommends that all vendors include the SDK with their application, regardless of how their application is packaged or delivered.

Including the SDK unlocks additional functionality for any vendor’s application. Because the SDK is updated along with the application, new features can easily be made available to your customers without requiring a KOTS update.

Packaging the SDK

Packaging the SDK with your application is incredibly easy. If you already package your application as a Helm chart, you can add the SDK as a subchart with as little as three lines of YAML. If you package your application as Kubernetes manifests, you can still easily include the SDK Helm chart in your application and have KOTS deploy it along with your app.

All previous issues with installing the SDK and KOTS together in the same environment have been fixed, eliminating the need for vendors to conditionally exclude deployment of the SDK in KOTS installations.

One Release, Multiple Installation Methods

Our experience with commercial software vendors and their customers has revealed a substantial uptick in enterprises that expect or require applications in their environments to be installed with Helm, often via automation like a GitOps pipeline.

Our recent updates to the SDK and KOTS make it easier than ever to maintain a single application release that can be installed by all your customers, regardless of their environment or their experience with Kubernetes. Your application can be installed by Helm in a GitOps pipeline and by KOTS on a VM, all without needing to fork your packaging or maintain separate releases for each installation method.

Next Steps

If you’re not yet including the SDK with your application, now is a great time to get started! If you want to try it yourself, our documentation includes a new tutorial showing how to package an application with the SDK and deploy it with both KOTS and Helm.

Consider packaging your application as a Helm chart and supporting installation with Helm if you don’t already. Offering a variety of installation methods can speed up your sales process by helping meet each customer where they’re at. For more information, read About Installations with the Helm CLI in our documentation.

We’re looking for feedback on the Replicated SDK so we can better help you deliver your application to your customers. Send a note to with any questions or feedback!