What if you had 7x faster time-to-value for your application?

Nikki Rouda

84% of ISVs say it takes a week or longer to install and configure their software in their customers’ self-managed K8s environments. And 93% of companies must support POCs to sell their software. What if you could reduce this time to a day and get at least 7x faster time-to-value for your app?

What if you could be doing 7x the POCs per SE or SA each year? What if you could close many more deals each quarter without having to hire any more field engineers?

What if you could start evaluations 7x faster? What would it mean to your win rate if you could get your prospects focused on the value your application brings, not the tedium and frustration around its installation?

What if you could get production deployments up and running 7x faster? What would that mean for initial customer satisfaction and your net promoter scores?

Want to invest a few minutes and learn how to save hundreds of weeks of manual effort?

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