Announcing: Vendor Portal Improvements for Helm Installations

Dexter Horthy
Aug 10, 2023

Today, we’re excited to announce a handful of small new features that complement the recent beta launch of the Replicated SDK for Helm Charts. These updates will make it easier for vendors to experiment with Helm CLI Installations.

Snapshot showing the options for Helm-only installs in the vendor portal

Helm Install Instructions for Customers

For vendor releases containing one or more helm charts, you will now be able to get installation instructions a customer can use to directly install Helm charts from your release. To do this, navigate to a customer page and select “Helm Install Instructions”:

Helm install instructions

These instructions can be used by a customer to log into a registry with their license key and pull any of the helm charts in your release.

Please note that to get the most out of these releases, you should include the Replicated SDK when the chart is installed with the Helm CLI, so that you will get the benefits of Instance Insights for the installation. If you’re using Custom Domains, customers will be able to pull the chart from a domain you control rather than

Creating Helm-Only Releases

In addition to exposing Helm charts in existing KOTS-ready releases, vendors can now also create Helm-only releases. That is, releases that contain nothing except one or more Helm Charts. To create a Helm-only release, simply select the “Helm Only Release” option when creating a release:

How to create a Helm-only release

You can also create a Helm-only release by using the [.inline] --chart [.inline] flag to the [.inline] replicated release create [.inline] command. The chart will need to be packaged into a [.inline] .tgz [.inline] format with [.inline] helm package [.inline] first.

[.pre] $ replicated release create --chart ./my-chart.tgz --promote Unstable [.pre]

Since they will not be edited in the vendor portal, Helm-only releases will be immutable and will have a slightly different appearance in the release viewer.

Example of a Helm-only release in the release viewer

Marking Customers as Helm-only

In addition to creating Helm-only releases, vendors now also have the option to create Helm-only customers. A Helm-only customer is one that is only licensed to install your application with the Helm CLI, and will not have access to the KOTS or kURL installation tooling. To create a helm-only customer, simply disable the Enable KOTS Installs checkbox on the customer Manage page:

How to uncheck the KOTS install enabled check box for Helm-only release for a customer

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