Easy to use application admin experience

For customers who just want to get your application installed, KOTS provides an easy 1-line installation of Kotsadm and your application that runs from your customer’s Kubectl. From there, Kotsadm serves as a fast and easy interface to configure, update and manage the private instance of your application with 1-click updates.

Advanced experience for automated operations

Where Kotsadm really shines is in its advanced options that can help you meet the demands of the most sophisticated enterprise customer.

Integrate with Private Registries

Automatically retag and deliver images into internal private registries for image scanning.

GitOps Ready

Detects, processes and commits updated Kubernetes manifests to internal version control systems automatically (enabling a GitOps pipeline for 3rd-party applications and reducing toil).

Last Mile Config Overlays

Facilitate last mile configuration changes with automatic Kustomize overlays that persist through upstream updates.

Multi-environment Deploys

Enable shared configuration between downstream environments (i.e. prod/staging etc) with midstream configuration management.

Snapshot, Rollback and Restore

Enable end customers to configure in-cluster or offsite snapshots for seamless rollbacks and disaster recovery.

Multi-app Capabilities

Deliver multiple applications to customers in a single admin console.

Embedded Troubleshooting

Embedded tools for environment conformance, configuration validation and troubleshooting.

Airgap Ready

Deliver your application to environments with no outbound internet access. From restricted VPCs to environments requiring physical media, KOTS can bring your application into the most secure environments and bring it up reliably.