KOTS Demo Video

Grant Miller
Nov 10, 2019

We recently recorded a demo of installing a Kubernetes Off-The-Shelf (KOTS) application as a private instance.

In this video we play the role of both application vendor and enterprise IT admin, so you have to follow along closely to catch some of the nuance of the demo.

Replicated KOTS demo

Both installations are managed by the vendor from the Replicated Vendor portal, enabling cross functional collaboration to operationalize the delivery of this KOTS application to numerous enterprises.

On the enterprise IT admin side, we’re actually installing the application twice, in two completely different environments in order to highlight the Install Options that Replicated enables. The first installation is into an existing Kubernetes cluster (in this case GKE) and the second installation is done with a Linux VM (which creates a KOTS appliance, as it does embed an upstream version of Kubernetes that Replicated provides with the application).

Despite the different installation types (embedded vs existing) the end-user experience for managing the application is nearly identical (with a few additional features to manage the cluster in the embedded version). This unified admin experience provides IT admins with options to start with “click-to-deploy” or opt-in to a more advanced “automated operations” setup.

To try the new Replicated KOTS platform, sign up for an account and start integrating your Kubernetes application today.