troubleshoot replicated

Embedded Troubleshoot Analyzers

Your engineering & support teams can define custom Analyzers to surface common application level errors for faster diagnosis of application issues. Analyzers can be delivered with your application to enable a level of trustless troubleshooting where support bundles never need to be shared by the customer. In the event that the issue cannot be resolved, Replicated Troubleshoot allows the customer to perform custom redaction to remove potentially sensitive data before sharing.

Troubleshoot Collectors

To minimize the back-and-forth required to collect the necessary environment information, logs, etc, Replicated provides a support bundle generation tool, called Troubleshoot. This tool collects a slew of important data out of the box and can be customized to collect application specific logs, etc. By default, this tool allows for custom redaction of sensitive information, but it can also be inspected by popular DLP tools or manually.

Preflight Checks

To ensure predictable deployments, during an installation or update, Replicated will validate that the environment provided by the client meets the requirements of your application. This feature spans from the simple to implement (i.e. disk space, memory checks, known versions of Docker and Kubernetes) to the complex execution of programmable preflight checks.

Configuration Validation

Test the validity of the configuration parameters entered by your customer after installation via Test Procedures. Replicated provides commonly used test commands and also allows custom validation of customer supplied values.

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