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Vendor Portal

With Replicated’s vendor portal, vendors get integration with existing deployment pipelines to maintain CI/CD processes and enable enterprise version release cadence.

Maintain CI/CD Within Enterprise Releases

Offer weekly, monthly or quarterly options to customers while maintaining CI/CD for SaaS environments. Push to the Replicated Unstable channel via the API or CLI every time you do a SaaS deployment. Use additional tests to validate that releases are on-prem compatible. Promote to the Beta channel to validate the update experience and share with edge-release customers.

Code & Ops Parity for On-prem and SaaS

Reusable, portable applications are the core of modern on-prem applications. Replicated tooling focuses on enabling vendors to leverage existing workflows and artifacts while supplying additional pipelines for embedding 3rd-party components.

Integrates with Existing Technologies

Integrate with existing deployment pipelines — Kubernetes manifests, Helm charts or Docker Compose deployments.

Create and Manage Customer Licenses

Enforce customer-specific entitlements including expiration, features, usage limits, and more.

Assign Licenses to Release Channels

Manage customer release cadence preferences by assigning customers to channels that meet their requirements.

Leverage Pre-Baked Entitlements

Prevent updates when a license expires and enable advanced configuration options in the admin console -- by default.

Deliver Custom License Values

Customize license fields to deliver applications specific, cryptographically signed values per customer -- with automation or license download.

View License Reporting

View license changes when a license goes online, goes offline or receives an update.

Priced for businesses of all sizes.

No matter the size of your business, there’s a plan for you. Sign up and get access to the full platform for 21 days to build your technical proof-of-concept.

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