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As a product manager, engineer, developer, or CTO, you’re concerned about building the best product possible. You want to get your new feature innovations to market to delight your customers and gain competitive advantage. You need to deliver your app releases securely wherever customers want to run them, make sure they run smoothly, and keep them updated to the latest versions.

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Replicated allowed us to double the velocity of our product development. We really sped up the time to get our product up and running in a customer environment without having to worry about the installation complexities.

Younes Amar  |  Head of Product  |  WallarOo

Your challenge

Building your own app installer is an engineering quagmire

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It sounds so easy to write a simple script, but it never quite works right in complex customer environments.

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We build K8s and Helm installer tooling for you. So you can focus on innovation, not inventing and maintaining an installer

Slow feature innovation and time to market

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Lack of automation around distributing new versions of software significantly slows down release cycles.

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We help organize releases by channel and assign customers to each. So you can release new versions quickly, increasing agility and competitiveness.

Managing features and editions

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Different editions of your product need to have different features enabled for different customers.


We implement feature entitlements for different channels and releases. So you can seed the market and drive adoption of  premium versions.

Keeping apps secure is hard

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CVEs can have huge negative impact on customer’s data AND trust, so you need to get patches deployed quickly.

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We deliver automatic updates and patches for CVEs. So you can reduce risk and increase patch rates.

Need to reduce attack surface area

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Customers often want to keep their sensitive data where they can control themselves, not send it to SaaS companies.

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We enable your customers to control their data in their own environments. So you can eliminate of an objection to a sale (especially for SaaS companies).

Runbooks don’t scale, are extremely complex, slow and error-prone

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Writing a comprehensive deployment guide and keeping it up to date is a thankless task for many vendors.

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We package manifests that run the application at scale. So you can architect for success and support growth.

Industry Insights


of companies have begun offering on-prem solutions in just the last 3 years


of companies have 6 or more employees dedicated to on-prem software, with 1/3 of companies 
needing more than 50 employees

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