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As a CISO or security practitioner, you’re concerned about delivering pervasive protection to prevent attacks and exposure of data. You want to help your customers lock down access and keep up-to-date on patches for CVEs. You need to give your customers control of their data, and distribute your app securely to environments they can control, even air-gapped locations.

Three of the top four reasons enterprises want to run commercial software applications on-premises are Security (66%), Data Sovereignty (57%), and Control (50%)

Why your customers want your software on-premise

graph showing the reasons why on-prem is asked for by companiesgraph showing the reasons why on-prem is asked for by companies

Your challenge

Customers are running old versions of your software and are at risk

application version


Customers are running old versions of your software which may have known vulnerabilities and are at heightened risk of security attacks, even though you provide constant recommendations to update.

two application versions


We enable customers to get automatic version updates and patches for CVEs, helping them stay current. So you have fewer security incidents, protecting your customers’ data and your reputation.

Your customers need help reducing attack surface area

data being stored in 1 secure place


Your customers don't want to export their data to a lot of different SaaS apps outside their control.

data going out to different places


We enable your customers to control their data in their own environments. So they can reduce the number of points of potential risk.

Can’t deliver to security-sensitive air-gapped locations

insecure airgap environment


You can’t deliver to security-sensitive air-gapped locations, cutting your company out of impactful deals with potential customers.

secure airgap environment


We enable secure installation and redacted support capabilities for serving disconnected sites. So you can distribute to government, financial, life sciences, and other sectors.

Security audits by prospective customers slow down sales

an illustration of graphs for software installation


Security audits by prospective customers slow down sales, which frustrates your internal teams and impacts your bottom line.

a code snippet showing a gui for installation


We become a transparent (or fully branded) part of your product. So you can satisfy their concerns faster and move forward

Industry Insights

Less than 40% of software vendors can deliver air-gapped installations, and only 46% can support installs into all the major public cloud platforms, forcing their customers to sacrifice security and/or choice.

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