Deliver & Manage Kubernetes Apps Anywhere

With Replicated, software vendors can deliver into complex, diverse customer environments with speed, security, and ease; for customers running Kubernetes or not, on-prem, or in the cloud.

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With 60 of the Fortune 100 already managing their apps with Replicated, this is a platform that is trusted by the best in the business. See who’s made the move into shipping modern, on-prem software to their enterprise customers.

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Seamless delivery & management

Replicated enables the seamless delivery and management of your Kubernetes applications in multi-prem, customer-controlled environments using a single architecture – whether or not your customers are using Kubernetes.

“We partnered with Replicated to accelerate our delivery of a cloud native architecture for our products. Replicated gives us tools that hide some of the complexities of configuring, deploying and running Kubernetes. This helps simplify our customers’ experience with our product.”

Abby Kearns

CTO, Puppet

Third-party software vendors look to Replicated to solve key business needs

Drive Application Velocity

Let your developers focus on building great apps and not worry about licensing, installing, configuring, and securing those apps for your customers.

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Deliver to Any Customer

Serve a wide market of customers – from those with existing Kubernetes clusters to those without any Kubernetes knowledge.

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Deliver to Any Environment

Deliver apps for mobility, wherever your customer needs them: on-prem, in the cloud, or in air gapped environments.

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Streamline Application Administration for Vendors and End Users

Replicated’s admin console and vendor portal provide licensing, entitlements, deployment, troubleshooting, disaster recovery, reporting, and more – dramatically streamlining the delivery and management of third party apps.

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Install K8s Apps Into Existing K8s Clusters

Uniquely with Replicated, vendors can install into an existing cluster with pre-packaged plugins for licensing, configuration, and environment conformance testing.

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Embed K8s Apps on Other Platforms

Replicated provides the underlying K8s installer to deliver K8s applications into environments where K8s has not yet been deployed.

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Other Platforms
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Day 2 Application Support

Replicated provides a framework for white glove support that automates common tasks and expedites remediation with robust tools for trustless troubleshooting in customer-controlled environments.

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Open Source Projects

Replicated believes that open source is at the heart of great infrastructure software. We build several open source projects, some of which are core to our product and others that are complementary.

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