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A unified platform to provide holistic security around your apps and your customers’ sensitive data.

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Replicated Value

You've got an enterprise customer who wants to buy your app, but it has to run in their environment. Replicated brings everything you need to efficiently handle the toughest requirements around delivering your app to your customers.

How it Works

Companies are becoming more and more careful with how their data is handled, and they need to work with ISVs who can support the most secure environments. By deploying directly into your customers’ environments, Replicated allows you to provide them with unmatched security.

Enable enterprise private instances


Transform any SaaS into a single tenant install that works in any cloud


Give your customers full control of all the data that your application processes


Reduce the number of places that private, sensitive data is held

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Perform automatic updates and patches


Give your customers the option to update automatically, and reduce the risk of security vulnerabilities


Increase the number of customers who are on the latest version of your application


Gain reporting into which customers are still running vulnerable versions

Provide air-gap protection


Completely isolate customers’ apps and data from attackers


Support customers in the most security-sensitive environment available


See insights into the health of each air-gapped environment

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Reduce attack surface area


Give your customers confidence that their data is secure


Allow your customers to control their own data


Bring your apps to customers’ data, not the other way around

How it helps

Business benefits

  • Sell to customers who require secure environments

  • Allow customers to control their own data

  • Reduce security vulnerabilities by keeping customers’ application versions up to date

  • Improve customer satisfaction and confidence

Technical benefits

  • Reduce the number of places that sensitive data is held

  • Get better insights into customer application versions and upgrades

  • Keep your customer data completely secure in their own environments

Measurable impact

Support customers who want your application deployed into the most secure environments available. Don’t turn down business because you can’t give customers the ability to control their own data.

Three of the top four reasons enterprises want to run commercial software applications on-premises are Security (66%), Data Sovereignty (57%), and Control (50%).

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