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As a product manager, sales leader, CFO or chief revenue officer, you’re concerned about efficiently driving more revenue and increasing your addressable market. You want to meet your customers where they are and stop turning away business in on-prem, VPC, or air-gapped environments. You need to keep your sales engineers and solutions architects selling, not struggling with slow installs and over-long POCs.

Interviews and financial analysis found that HashiCorp experienced a 208% ROI with Replicated.

Your challenge

Missed revenue for modern K8s and cloud opportunities

a diagram showing a deployment only working in a bare metal environment


Many traditional software vendors are finding they need a way to distribute to modern customer environments.

diagram showing the replicated platform deploying into all environments


We help you package your containerized app for diverse customer-managed environments. So you can increase your total addressable market.

Can’t deliver to security-sensitive air-gapped locations

an insecure airgap environment


How can you deliver your application if you don’t have Internet access to the customer’s location?

a secure airgap environment


We enable secure installation and support for disconnected sites. So you can sell to government, financial, life sciences, and other sensitive sectors.

Inability to deliver to on-prem and VPC customers

a diagram showing only a successful deployment into cloud environments


SaaS companies are finding that their customers want to run and control enterprise applications  and data themselves.

a diagram showing the replicated platform deploying into all environments


We help SaaS companies meet customers where they want to run your app. So you can offer the same great services to new audiences.

SEs and SAs troubleshooting, not selling

4 weeks of a calendar


If your field teams are spending a lot of time installing or debugging your app, it bogs down sales cycles.

installation successful


We reduce the time and effort for POC and production installs of your app. So you can focus on positioning value and move on to the next prospect.

Managing licensing and entitlements

all features on


You want to upsell your customers to premium editions, but don’t have easy to use licensing mechanisms.

some features toggled on, some features toggled off


We can implement trial licensing and control access to premium features. So you can reduce manual administration and upsell customers to enterprise editions.

Industry Insights

47% of companies admit they lose revenue by not offering installation into customer-managed environments.

79% say customers that install software are more profitable than comparable SaaS customers.

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