The Replicated logo is an homage to to containerized approach Replicated takes to delivering on-prem software. It’s bold red color and unique shape helps our name pop when presented alongside competing brands.


Logo colors

The color logo options are the primary logo colorways to be used. The full color, red logo is the preferred version and should be used whenever possible.

When a background color is used, choose the white with letter cut-outs version so the color belows fills the letter forms. This version of the logo should only be shown on top of the Replicated red, sky blue or ocean blue.

Logo letter mark

The logo mark will find use in icons and in nav bars. The rectangular mark should be presented only exactly as shown below.

Logo whitespace

The importance of whitespace around brand elements and throughout all layouts cannot be overstated. These visuals are used to demonstrate the minimums.

The minimum whitespace around the mark and logo is equivalent to the mark scaled down to 50%.


Logo minimum size

For readability, scale needs to have special considerations. Do not reduce these elements below the designated pixel values.


Color & Fonts

Primary colors

The core palette will cover the majority of your needs. If you are tempted to use colors not found here, take a deep breath and resist that urge.



Montserrat is used for headings, Ubuntu for subheadings and paragraph/body text.