Licensing Entitlements

Enforce customer-specific entitlements (expiration, features, usage limits, etc.)

Assign Licenses to Release Channels

Manage customer release cadence preferences by assigning customers to channels that meet their requirements.

Leverage Prebaked Entitlements

By default Replicated licenses can prevent updates when a license expires, and enable advanced configuration options in the admin console (airgap, gitops, kustomize, midstreams, etc).

Deliver Custom License Values

Create custom license fields to deliver application-specific, cryptographically signed values per customer. Values can be synced to customer environments automatically or through a license download (for airgapped environments). These values are available as configuration values or via an on-prem API.

View License Reporting

Get notified when a license goes online or offline. See when updates have been applied. Understand the adoption rate of recent updates.