Replicated Software Delivery with Grant Miller and Marc Campbell

Grant Miller and Marc Campbell are the CEO and CTO of Replicated, and they join the show to talk about the modern enterprise software market, and the process of delivering software to companies that might otherwise have trouble consuming it.

Replicated: On-Prem Deployments with Grant Miller

Replicated is a company that allows cloud-based software to easily deploy to on-prem infrastructure. Grant Miller is the founder of Replicated and he joins the show to discuss on-prem, cloud, and the changing adoption patterns of enterprise software companies.

Multi-Prem Software Delivery and Management with Grant Miller
Grant Miller is the Founder and CEO of Replicated. He joins the show today to talk about the next generation of tools on the Replicated platform, how Kubernetes is changing enterprise IT, and why the on-prem software market isn’t going away anytime soon.