The modern way to ship on-prem software

Replicated gives SaaS vendors a container-based platform for easily deploying their cloud-native applications inside customers' environments. Because security and control still matter.

Easy delivery to enterprise customers.

If you're using cloud-native technologies, Replicated makes it easy to port your application into customers' on-premises or VPC environments.

  • Unify cloud and on-prem deployments
  • Container centric platform
  • Supports Docker and Kubernetes

curl -sSL

Determining local address

The installer will use network interface

'eth0' (with IP address '')

Does this machine require a proxy to

access the Internet? (y/N) n

Installing docker from

Streamlined customer support.

Replicated automates the on-prem update process and simplifies customer support.

  • Update through channel management
  • Downloadable support bundles
  • Snapshot and restore utilities

Enterprise-grade features

Replicated handles the legwork of incorporating features that many large organizations require.

  • Single sign-on via LDAP/AD
  • Audit-logging
  • Reporting dashboard

Are you EnterpriseReady?

We developed the popular EnterpriseReady guide to highlight best practices for SaaS companies when building applications that serve enterprise customers. The guide was written by us in collaboration with leading CIOs, SaaS founders, security experts and product leaders.