Improvements to Helm Hook Support Is Now GA

We have improved our support for Helm charts with additional supported “hooks” and “hook weights.” Replicated also updated its Helm chart install mechanism. Many Replicated vendors have existing investments in Helm, an open-source project that helps to manage Kubernetes apps. With this improved support for hooks and weights, Replicated further reduces the friction for onboarding

What Is ‘Air Gap’ and What’s In It for the ISV?

A Closer Look at a Unique Way to be On-Prem As cloud-native software vendors, you’ve long been extolling the virtues of container-based apps and DevOps methodologies like CI/CD. Think speed, automation. Cloud-native can be a ‘win’ for any organization looking to be agile and responsive. But what about the data that underlies every app and

Replicated Recent Release Highlights: November 2021

Are you settling in yet to your autumn vibe? We are! Our team here at Replicated is really enjoying our apple ciders, campfires, and general fall coziness. Grab your favorite fall hot drink and tuck in to this quick recap of what the Replicated Product & Engineering teams have done to drive our roadmap with

Solving the Problem of Installing Software on Kubernetes – On-Premises and on the Edge

By Jason Bloomberg (@TheEbizWizard) – Intellyx  |  Part 3 of the Intellyx On-Prem Innovation Series In the first two articles in this series (which you can find here and here), my colleague Jason English explained why many enterprises would prefer air gapped software installs over putting software in the cloud – or anywhere else it might

Replicated Is a 2021 Gartner Cool Vendor in Cloud Computing

  Each year, Gartner recognizes innovative technology companies as Cool Vendors across various market segments. We are proud to announce that Replicated has been recognized as a November 2021 Gartner™ Cool Vendor in Cloud Computing. Gartner’s Cool Vendor research is “designed to highlight interesting, new and innovative vendors, products and services.” This Cool Vendors in

Replicated Recent Release Highlights: October 2021

October was a big month in our space as we prepared for, sponsored, attended, and presented content at KubeCon 2021! We hope you were able to participate in the show in some way — in person or virtually. And as always, the Replicated Product & Engineering teams did not miss a beat in advancing our

Replicated Had a Blast at KubeCon 2021

Looking back at this past week, we truly had a memorable experience at KubeCon 2021. Even though we are on the tail end of a pandemic, we were thankfully and safely able to gather in Downtown Los Angeles and see so many of you amazing people in the global Kubernetes community.  Whether you were networking,

The Replicated KubeCon 2021 Experience

As October is upon us, we look back to where we were at this time last year and breathe a (slight) sigh of relief. While we may not be out of the woods yet when it comes to the global pandemic we’ve all endured over the last 18 months, we are finally at the point

Replicated Recent Release Highlights: September 2021

September is a month of change, as summer leaves us and cooler weather for many helps usher in the early part of fall. Still, our classic Replicated fervor is still in full swing, and we’re back again with a fresh batch of exciting new developments and release highlights. Something else you might notice is ‘new’

New and Improved: API Tokens Now Better Aligned to RBAC Policies

We’ve been hearing from vendors that you want additional flexibility and control over token-based access, so we’ve spent the last several weeks digging into the user problem and exploring best practices and solutions. The result? New and improved tokens, which provide more controlled API and CLI access in the vendor portal! What are tokens and