Rancher and Replicated Partner To Power the Next Generation of Enterprise Software

Great things come in pairs. Most of us will agree that food is good. Many of us also believe that wine is good. However, the pairing of the right food with the right wine clearly results in a fusion of flavors greater than the sum of its parts. If you pair the right things together,

Here Comes Trouble: Troubleshoot and Amazon EKS Anywhere Partnership

It can be lonely being early with an idea.  Every first mover and category-defining startup has felt the frustration of knowing that they’re onto something big while having to wait for their vision to enter the mainstream consciousness.  Since 2015, the Replicated team has been on a mission to simplify and modernize the delivery of

GitOps and Open Source With Alexis Richardson of Weaveworks

In Episode 40 of The EnterpriseReady Podcast, Grant is joined by Alexis Richardson of Weaveworks. They discuss Weave GitOps, insights on brand revitalization, and the storied career journey that led Alexis from finance to startups to enterprise software. About the Guest: Alexis Richardson began his career journey in finance as a trader at Goldman Sachs

Replicated Recent Release Highlights: August 2021

Summer may be winding down, but the Replicated Product & Engineering teams are moving full steam ahead on our product roadmap! It’s time for another fresh batch of exciting capabilities newly available in KOTS (Kubernetes Off-The-Shelf), our embedded K8s installer (kURL), and Vendor Web. Check out the recently shipped features and release highlights for August

Air Gap On-Prem Use Cases for the Security-Conscious Enterprise

By Jason English (@bluefug) – Intellyx  |  Part 2 of the Intellyx On-Prem Innovation Series When I think of the most mission-critical on-premises secure installation scenario of all time, my mind immediately wanders to silos. Missile silos, to be exact.  If there ever was a reason to be absolutely 100-percent-sure a system was inaccessible to

Replicated Joins the AWS Partner Network Global Startup Program

We here at Replicated are proud to announce that we have joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) Global Startup Program to help us accelerate our growth and provide customers with expanded installation options. Replicated helps reduce friction for the ever-increasing number of global companies investing in on-premises software delivery and management. By

Why Are Companies Doing On-Prem Air Gap Installations Now?

By Jason English (@bluefug) – Intellyx  |  Part 1 of the Intellyx On-Prem Innovation Series Software ate the world. Then SaaS started eating software. Then, cloud started enveloping SaaS.  Now, even one flavor of cloud is no longer good enough for most highly distributed software applications. To be agile and responsive, you must orchestrate the

Replicated Recent Release Highlights: July 2021

Time for another fresh batch of exciting capabilities newly available in KOTS (Kubernetes Off-The-Shelf), and kURL! Check out the recently shipped features and release highlights for July 2021 below. New Release Highlights: Existing K8s Installer (KOTS): Expanded Capabilities for Vendor Application Configuration  Helm Hooks & Hook Weight Support for v3 Helm Charts First Step in

Replicated $50M Series C To Advance Multi-Prem Software Adoption

In our never-ending pursuit to help independent software vendors bring multi-prem applications into the hands of enterprise software customers, we’re proud to announce that Replicated has just raised a $50M Series C round of funding! To say that this news humbles us is an understatement. We began this company over six years ago with the

The State of On-Prem Series: On-Premises Software Deployments Are Challenging and Slow

With the rapid adoption of on-premises deployments among enterprises, there’s one thing that may come as a surprise: On-premises software deployments are challenging and slow, and software teams still struggle to deploy and maintain customer-managed software as demand rises. In this series, we’ll explore the results of The State of On-Prem: Modern Solutions for a